Xx cute dolls xX

Howleen Wolf 


Headpieces: Ashlynn’s is a pink alice band. I love how it goes with her hair style. The textured leaf patten hints her love of nature.

Headpieces: Apple’s is an alice band with a red bow and crown angled to the right. Once again I have to say I love alice bands with bows. Her crown is gold and has a tiny apple on the top.

Headpieces: C. A. Cupid’s is a gold alice band with an arrow going through a heart. I like the texture detail on this piece. The down side is that it is very 2D and therefore don’t look amazing in a side profile.  

Headpieces: Cerise doesn’t really have a headpiece however she does wear a hood. The red hood is her most distinguishing feature in her story. I do like the shade of red used. 

Headpieces: Raven’s is an alice band with spikes. I really like how this goes with her hair style, not to mention the “evil” look.

Headpieces: Briar’s is crown glasses, and to be honest I’m not a fan. There is pretty details on these glasses, such as the roses, leaves and spirals.

Headpieces: Madeline’s is an alice band with a tea cup at an angle on it. I love that this is her hammer space in the show and the reference to the tea party in her story. Even tho there is panted detail I would like the liquid to have been a different colour.

Headpieces: Blondie’s an alice band with a cute bow angled to the right. As someone who wears theses on a regular bases, I have to say I love it as it is so me/Blondie. The bear is a nice reference to her story.

Rebel or Royal: Cerise + Ashlynn

Rebel or Royal: C. A. Cupid + Blondie

Rebel or Royal: Madeline + Briar

Rebel or Royal:  Raven + Apple

Cerise Hood unboxed