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Finally got around to buying The Storybook of Legends

Finally got around to buying The Storybook of Legends


Hi guys!

So as promised, here is my little giveaway as a sincere thank you for being so lovely all the time. I also just reached just over 1,000 followers so I thought this would be an hexcellent time.

I know it’s not much but my Prince Charming and I trekked all around town trying to find a perfect doll for one of you to enjoy :) Freaky Fusion inspired Scarah!

Here are the rules. You don’t even have to be following me, this is for everyone. All you need to do is REBLOG this to enter. LIKES give a second entry. I will ship worldwide so you don’t have to worry about location but it won’t be insured I’m afraid. No Giveaway blogs please, I will check.

ASKS NEED TO BE OPEN - and you need to be okay with telling me your address so I can send her to you :)

This giveaway ends Thursday 31st August, midnight GMT. Winner will be announced the next day.

This is from me to the Ever After High Fandom for being so spelltacular :)

Good luck! xxx

boxed Raven Queen

More Poundland Knockoffs

Poundland knockoffs  

Briar and Venus with roses

Briar with roses

boil washed Briar’s hair 


Briar Beauty

Venus Mcflytrap and roses

Blondie is a bit of an outsider within the Royals group